19th DSP 2014 - Lis of Accepted Papers

DSP 2014 Accepted Papers

Critical Information

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  4. Any accepted paper included in the final program is expected to have at least one author or qualified proxy attend and present the paper at the conference. Authors of the accepted papers included in the final program who do not attend and present at the conference will be added to a "No-Show List". The "no-show" papers will not be published by IEEE on IEEE Xplore, EI Complendex or other public access forums, but these papers will be distributed as part of the on-site electronic proceedings and the copyright of these papers will belong to the IEEE.

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List of DSP 2014 Accepted Papers

Xiaochen Hu, Li Zhuo and Xiaoguang Li.
A Moving Objects Based Real-Time Defogging Method for Traffic Monitoring Videos
Xi Zhang.
Design of Mth-band FIR Linear Phase Filters
Pengming Feng, Miao Yu, Syed Mohsen Naqvi and Jonathon Chambers.
Deep learning for posture analysis in fall detection
Litong Feng, Lai-Man Po, Xuyuan Xu and Yuming Li.
Motion Artifacts Suppression for Remote Imaging Photoplethysmography
Lingling Jiang and Haiqing Yin.
Fractional-order Variational Regularization for Image Decomposition
Tõnu Trump.
A Robust Eigenvalue Ratio Detector for Cognitive Radio
Rupesh Kumar, Sumana Gupta and K. S. Venkatesh.
Line Scratch Detection Using Spatio-Temporal Regularity Flow Vectors
Tom Moir.
Spectral factorization of z-domain polynomials using non-linear least-squares
Jiang Zhu and Xiaokang Lin.
Sparse Estimation From Sign Measurements With General Sensing Matrix Perturbation
Qi An, Wei Xia, Zishu He and Huiyong Li.
Algorithm for Modulation Classification of PSK Signals
Zeinab Zohny and Jonathon Chambers.
Modelling interaural level and phase cues with Student's t-distribution for robust clustering in MESSL
Haiyan Xu, Qian Tian, Zhen Wang and Jianhui Wu.
Human Action Recognition using Late Fusion and Dimensionality Reduction
Hsien-Huang Wu and Zong-Hao Yang.
Liquid level detector for a sealed gas tank based on spectral analysis
Langxiong Xie ,Wing-Kuen Ling , Zhijing Yang and Qingyun Dai .
Efficient method for solving globally optimal solutions of weighted Lp norm and L2 norm optimization problems
Aishwarya Visvanathan and Tanushyam Chattopadhyay.
Car Number Plate Recognition for Smart Building
Yinhui Wang, Teng Wang, Pan Zhou and Xin'An Wang.
Design and Implementation of a Flexible DMA Controller in Video Codec System
Roneel Sharan and Tom Moir.
Comparison of Multiclass SVM Classification Techniques in an Audio Surveillance Application under Mismatched Conditions
Yik-Hing Fung and Yuk-Hee Chan.
Green noise video halftoning
Yonghoon Kim and Jechang Jeong.
Gaussian Filter based Integrated Gradient for Color Filter Array Interpolation
Sanghun Kim, Dong-Gon Yoo and Young Hwan Kim.
Stereo Confidence Metrics Using the Costs of Surrouding Pixels
Fredric Harris, Behrokh Farzad, Elettra Venosa and Xiaofei Chen.
Multi-Resolution PR NMDFBs for Programmable Variable Bandwidth Filter in Wideband Digital Transceivers
Eunwoo Song, Hong-Goo Kang and Joonil Lee.
Fixed-Point Implementation of MPEG-D Unified Speech and Audio Coding Decoder
Liming Zhang and Tao Qian.
An Implementation Approach For Ideal Time-Frequency Distribution
Yanlin Wang, Yun Li, Dominic K.C. Ho, Alina Zare and Marjorie Skubic.
Sparsity Promoted Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Source Separation and Detection
Zhiyong Xiao, Yunhao Yuan, Jinlong Yang and Hongwei Ge.
A Novel Spatially Constrained Mixture Model for Image Segmentation
Achal Shah and Angshul Majumdar.
Parallelizing Sparse Recovery Algorithms: A Stochastic Approach
Roneel Sharan and Tom Moir.
Audio Surveillance under Noisy Conditions using Time-Frequency Image Feature
Gang Wang, Gaobo Yang, Leida Li and Yun Song.
Low-delay perceptual-based distributed video coding
Kang Yanhong and Yang Gaobo.
Robust hash signature and sequence matching for efficient Near-duplicate video detection
Zhenli Wei, Xiaoguang Li and Li Zhuo.
A Face Hallucination Method Via HR-LLE Coefficients Constrant
Hao Lv and Ronggang Wang.
A Low Complexity and High Performance Interpolation Filter for MPEG IVC
Asim Ghalib and Tariqullah Jan.
Shrinkage based empirical mode decomposition for joint denoising and dereverberation
Yujie Li, Shuxue Ding and Zhenni Li.
A Dictionary-Learning Algorithm for the Analysis Sparse Model with a Determinant-Type of Sparsity Measure
Yue-Xian Zou, Xiang Jun Xu and Sujuan Liu.
Blind Timing Skew Estimation based on Spectra Sparsity and All Phase FFT for Time-interleaved ADCS
Jizhou Li, Yongjin Zhou, Xin Chen and Yong-Ping Zheng.
Characterization of Individual Muscle Activities during Isometric Contraction using Ultrasound Imaging
Budianto Budianto and Daniel P.K. Lun.
Inpainting For Fringe Projection Profilometry Based on Iterative Regularization
Lulu Wang, Hongqiang Wang and Yuliang Qin.
Adaptive Waveform Design for Multi-Target Classification in Signal-Dependent Interference
Sangsan Leelhapantu and Thanarat Chalidabhongse.
Stereo Correspondence using Multi-label QPBO Method
Seung Hun Kim, Jae Jin Jeong, Gyogwon Koo and Sang Woo Kim.
Variable Step-Size Affine Projection Algorithm for a Non-Stationary System
Jack Harris, Bertrand Rivet, Syed Mohesn Naqvi, Jonathon A. Chambers and Christian Jutten.
Principal Angles Approach to Time-Domain Filter Design for Target Cancelation
P. A Karthick and S. Ramakrishnan.
Analysis of Fatigue Conditions in Biceps Brachii Muscles Using Surface Electromyography Signals and Strip Spectral Correlation
Fang Jiang, Yan-Jun Hu and Wen-Tao Zhang.
An Improved Reconstruction Algorithm for Non-Gaussian Signal in Compressive Sensing
Sunder Ram Krishnan and Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula.
Optimum Parameter Selection in Sparse Reconstruction of Frequency-Domain Optical-Coherence Tomography Signals
Jian-Jiun Ding, Wei-De Chang, Yu Chen, Szu-Wei Fu, Chir-Weei Chang and Chuan-Chung Chang.
Image Deblurring Using a Pyramid-Based Richardson–Lucy Algorithm
Iman Ardekani, Saeed Ur Rehman and Waleed Abdulla.
Remote FxLMS Algorithm for Active Control of Sound in Remote Locations
Zaixin Yang, Yang Li, Ning Zhang, Wenyan Tang and Ruiyang Liu.
Application of Revised Dynamic Programming in ARD Data
Thorsten Wild, Frank Schaich and Yejian Chen.
5G Air Interface Design based on Universal Filtered (UF-) OFDM
Yinsheng Wei and Yannan Wang.
On Azimuth Beam-Forming for Elevation Estimation in VHF Radar
Jie Chen, Alexander Matyasko and Lap-Pui Chau.
A Light Field Sparse Representation Structure and Its Fast Coding Technique
Aimin Jiang, Hon Keung Kwan and Yanping Zhu.
Efficient Design of FIR Filters with Minimum Filter Orders Using l0-Norm Optimization
Hongbin Zhang, Chang-Hong Fu, Yui-Lam Chan and Weimin Su.
Novel CAVLC Design for Secondary SP-frame
Hong Hong, Heng Zhao, Yusheng Li, Chen Gu and Xiaohua Zhu.
A New Sifting Method Based on Inflection Point
Ying-Jou Chen, Jian-Jiun Ding and Szu-Wei Fu.
A Novel Compression Algorithm for IMFs of Hilbert-Huang Transform
Pengfei Liu, Xiaohan Wang, Xiangqian Che, Zhaoqun Chen and Yuantao Gu.
Defense Against Sybil Attacks in Directed Social Networks
Jun Fang, Yanning Shen and Hongbin Li.
Pattern Coupled Sparse Bayesian Learning for Recovery of Time Varying Sparse Signals
Wu Jianjian, Lv Guoyun and Fan Yangyu.
A Research on Mouth Expression Animation Based on Compliant Spatial Mechanisms Model
Yusheng Li, Biao Xue, Hong Hong and Xiaohua Zhu.
Instantaneous Pitch Estimation Based on Empirical Wavelet Transform
Cyrus Jahanchahi, Sithan Kanna and Danilo Mandic.
A Theoretical Bound for the Performance Advantage of Quaternion Widely Linear Estimation
Gaoxing Chen, Zhenyu Pei, Zhenyu Liu and Takeshi Ikenaga.
Low Complexity SAO in HEVC Base on Class Combination, Pre-decision and Merge Separation
Yinman Lee, Hou-Cheng Shih, Chong-Sheng Huang and Jyong-Yi Li.
Low-Complexity MIMO Detection: A Mixture of ZF, ML and SIC
Yan Zhang, Li Zhuo, Yuanfan Peng and Jing Zhang.
A Secure Image Retrieval Method Based on Homomorphic Encryption for Cloud Computing
Raju Ranjan, Sumana Gupta and K. S. Venkatesh.
Supervised Texture Segmentation Using Localized Dictionary Based Data Modelling
Emmanouil Giouvanakis and Constantine Kotropoulos.
Saliency map driven image retrieval combining the bag-of-words model and PLSA
Sinnu Thomas, Sumana Gupta and Venkatesh Subramanian.
Non user Interaction Content Summarization
Aniruddha Adiga and Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula.
An Alternating lp — l2 Projections Algorithm (ALPA) for Speech Modeling Using Sparsity Constraints
Srinivasa Rao Vempati, Habibulla Khan, Anil Kumar Tipparti and Vinay Kumar Pamula.
Multiuser Detection for MIMO DS-CDMA System in Impulsive Noise over Nakagami-m Fading Channels
J. F. Wu, C. Wang, Z. C. Lin and Shing Chow Chan.
A Patch-Number and Bandwidth Adaptive Non-Local Kernel Regression Algorithm For Multiview Image Denoising
Gang Li, Pramod Varshney and Yimin Zhang.
Multistatic Radar Imaging via Decentralized and Collaborative Subspace Pursuit
Can Uysal and Tansu Filik.
Presence Detection of Long-and-Short-Code DS-SS Signals Using the Phase Linearity of Multichannel Sensors
Subhadip Mukherjee and Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula.
A Split-And-Merge Dictionary Learning Algorithm for Sparse Representation: Application to Image Denoising
Dinesh Kumar Chobey and Yong Ching Lim.
Steady-State Comparative Performance Evaluation of Piloted Adaptive Notch Filter
Zengkai Wang and Junqing Yu.
Event Boundary Determination Based on Attack-defense Transition Analysis in Soccer Video
Yatong Xu and Xin Jin.
Spatial-Temporal Depth De-Noising for Kinect based on Texture Edge-Assisted Depth Classification
Joo Ghee Lim, Tracey Lee, Saeid Sanei and Xueyang Pang.
Singular Spectrum Analysis of Wireless Rehabilitative Assessment Data
Sai Parameshwari and Aparna P.
An Efficient Algorithm for Textural Feature Extraction and Detection of tumors for a class of Brain MR imaging applications
Mengdi Wang, Yunjian Xu and Yuantao Gu.
Multi-Task Nonconvex Optimization with Joint Constraints: A Distributed Algorithm Using Monte Carlo Estimates
Nikola Banić and Sven Lončarić.
Color Rabbit: Guiding the Distance of Local Maximums in Illumination Estimation
Viet Dung Nguyen, Minh Dong Le, Hoai Vu, Duc Thuan Nguyen, Tien Dung Nguyen and Quang Dong Truong.
Detection of Tumor in Mammographic Images by Hierarchy of Block’s Features
Laming Chen and Yuantao Gu.
Robust Recovery of Low-Rank Matrices via Non-Convex Optimization
Syed Zubair and Wenwu Wang.
Signal Classification Based on Block Sparse Tensor Representation
Sergei Astapov, Jurgo-Soren Preden, Johannes Ehala and Andri Riid.
Object Detection for Military Surveillance Using Distributed Multimodal Smart Sensors
Cheen-Hau Tan, Jie Chen and Lap-Pui Chau.
Dynamic scene rain removal for moving cameras
Ruairí de Fréin.
Quantized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Ghassem Tofighi, Nasser Ali Afarin, Kaamran Raahemifar and Anastasios Venetsanopoulos.
Hand pointing detection using Live Histogram Template of Forehead Skin
Baiying Lei and Man-Wai Mak.
Sound-Event Partitioning and Feature Normalization for Robust Sound-Event Detection
Seong Tae Kim, Dae Hoe Kim and Yong Man Ro.
Generation of Conspicuity-improved Synthetic Image from Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
Huiping Duan.
MSM-FOCUSS for Distributed Compressive Sensing and Wideband DOA Estimation
Xiaoming Gou, Zhiwen Liu, Zheyi Fan and Yougen Xu.
Bicomplex-valued Adaptive Filtering with Application to Wind Profile Prediction
Ravi Kumar and Vaibhav Arora.
Probability Distribution Estimation of Music Signals in Time and Frequency Domains
Franz de Leon and Kirk Martinez.
Music Genre Classification Using Polyphonic Timbre Models
Emilie Chouzenoux, Jean-Christophe Pesquet and Anisia Florescu.
Multi-Parameter Optimization Approach for Complex Continuous Sparse Modelling
Xiliang Lu, Yuling Jiao and Bangti Jin.
An Active Set Algorithm for l0 Optimization with Decaying Solutions
Matthew Hawes and Wei Liu.
Sparse Wideband Array Design with Reweighted Iterative Optimisation and Frequency Invariant Response
Matthew Hawes and Wei Liu.
A Quaternion-Valued Reweighted Minimisation Approach to Sparse Vector Sensor Array Design
Chi-Yi Tsai.
Multilevel Image Thresholding Based on an Extended Within-Class Variance Criterion
Nalla Pattabhi Ramaiah.
Enhancements to Latent Fingerprints in Forensic Applications
Hongli Chen, Chang-Hong Fu, Hongbin Zhang and Yui-Lam Chan.
Single Image Super Resolution Based on Sparse Representation and Adaptive Dictionary Selection
Xingxing Fan, Zhi Liu and Guangling Sun.
Salient Region Detection for Stereoscopic Images
C. Eswaran, Marwan Saleh and Junaidi Abdullah.
Projection Based Algorithm for Detecting Exudates in Color Fundus Images
Ramin Vali and Johhny Kao.
Comparing DSP Realizations of Correlator and SVM Receivers for Chaos-based Multi-user DS-SS
Si Qin, Yimin Zhang, Qisong Wu and Moeness Amin.
Large-Scale Sparse Reconstruction through Partitioned Compressive Sensing
Li Sun, Hong Hong, Chen Gu, Yusheng Li and Xiaohua Zhu.
An Angle Super-resolution Approach of Sparse Acoustic Vector Array Based on Compressed Sensing
Guo Cao and Kenji Suzuki.
A new method for false-positive reduction in detection of lung nodules in CT images
Chunyan Wang and Sha Gong.
Pixel Classification Algorithms for Noise Removal and Signal Preservation in Low-Pass Filtering for Contrast Enhancement
Marco Maaß, Huy Phan and Alfred Mertins.
Design of Cosine-Sine Modulated Filter Banks without DC leakage
Ziran Zhang, Jianhua Zhang, Xiaoyan Wang, Qiu Guan and Shengyong Chen.
Image Quality Assessment Based on Structural Saliency
Bala Kishore Panisetti, Thierry Blu and Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula.
An unbiased risk estimator for multiplicative noise -- Application to 1-D signal denoising
Haofeng Kou and Weijia Shang.
Parallelized Feature Extraction and Acoustic Model Training
Angelo Dela Cruz and Rhandley Cajote.
Error Resilient Joint Source-Channel Adaptive Intra-Refresh Rate for Wireless Video Transmission
Chengshi Zheng, Yuxuan Ke, Renhua Peng, Xiaodong Li and Yi Zhou.
Statistical Analysis of Temporal Coherence Function and Its Application in Howling Detection
Hongwei Xu, Ning Fu, Congru Yin, Liyan Qiao and Xiyuan Peng.
Blind Separation of Sufficiently Sparse Sources in Multichannel Compressed Sensing
Tai-Chiu Hsung, John Lo, Mei-Man Chong, Tazuko K. Goto and Lim-Kwong Cheung.
Orbit Segmentation by Surface Reconstruction with Vertex screening
Ning Fu, Pingfan Song, Peizhuo Liu, Jingchao Zhang and Xiyuan Peng.
Boost the Efficiency of Spectrum Sensing Using Synchronized Random Demodulation
Wei Zhou and Junhao Xie.
Angle Measurement Accuracy Analysis of Sum-Difference Amplitude-Comparison Monopulse in Onshore or Shipborne ISAR
Peichuan Zhang, Yong Wu, Jun Wang and Jiahui Qiao.
Real-time signal processing for FM-based passive bistatic radar Using GPUs
Tian-Rui Liu and Shing Chow Chan.
Automatic Shot Boundary Detection Algorithm Using Structural-awarded Histogram Metric
Y. X. Zou, Yong Qing Wang, Peng Wang, C. H. Ritz and Jiangtao Xi.
An Effective Target Speech Enhancement with Single Acoustic Vector Sensor Based on the Speech Time-Frequency Sparsity
Chao Shi and Frank H.F. Leung.
Differential Evolution with Adaptive Population Size
Shashank Tyagi, Vibhav Katre and Nithin George.
Online Estimation of Secondary Path in Active Noise Control Systems using Generalized Levinson Durbin Algorithm
Zhen Wang, Qian Tian, Haiyan Xu and Jianhui Wu.
A simplified feature line approach for face recognition
Hyung-Il Kim, Seung Ho Lee, Jung Ik Moon, Hyun-Sang Park and Yong Man Ro.
Face Detection for Low Power Event Detection in Intelligent Surveillance System
Hak Gu Kim, Yong Ju Jung, Soosung Yoon and Yong Man Ro.
Investigating Experienced Quality Factors in Synthesized Multi-view Stereo Images
Anitha Lingaiah and Radhakrishna Rao K.A..
A Novel Bimodal Biometric Identification System based on Finger Geometry and Palm print
Shivnarayan Patidar, Ram Bilas Pachori and Niranjan Garg.
Detection of septal defects from cardiac sound signals using tunable-Q wavelet transform
Constantine Kotropoulos and Stamatios Samaras.
Mobile Phone Brand and Model Identification Using Recorded Speech Signals
Shilian Zheng and Xiaoniu Yang.
Wideband Spectrum Sensing Based on Group Testing Utilizing Polyphase Filter Banks
Shyju Wilson, M. Srinivas and C. Krishna Mohan.
Dictionary based action video classification with action bank
Sik-Ho Tsang, Yui-Lam Chan and Wan-Chi Siu.
Exploiting Inter-layer Correlations in Scalable HEVC for the Support of Screen Content Videos
Wael Louis, Dimitrios Hatzinakos and Anastasios Venetsanopoulos.
One Dimensional Multi-Resolution Local Binary Patterns Features (1DMRLBP) for Regular Electrocardiogram (ECG) Waveform Detection
Junyao Lai, Shilin Wang, Xingjian Shi and Alan Liew.
Sparse Coding Based Lip Texture Representation For Visual Speaker Identification
Anurima Tikader and Niladri Puhan.
Printed and Handwritten English-Bengali Script Recognition with Bag of Visual Words (BoVW)
Rashmi Panda, Niladri Puhan and Ganapati Panda.
Hausdorff Symmetry Operator towards Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation
Yifan Zhang.
An EM- and wavelet-based multi-band image restoration approach
M. Srinivas and C Krishna Mohan.
Medical Images Modality Classification using Multi-scale Dictionary Learning
C. Wang, Shing Chow Chan, C. H. Ho, A. L. Liu and H. Y. Shum.
A Real-Time Image-Based Rendering and Compression System with Kinect Depth Camera
Zongjie Wang, Shuju Fan and Yun Rui.
CDMA-FMT: A Novel Multiple Access Scheme for 5G Wireless Communications
Weiyang Liu, Yandong Wen, Kai Pan, Hui Li and Yuexian Zou.
A Kernel-based L2 Norm Regularized Least Square Algorithm for Vehicle Logo Recognition
Hongke Ning and Yuexian Zou.
A New Score Normalization for Text-Independent Speaker Verification
Suneel Kumar, Vivek Kanhangad and Ram Bilas Pachori.
Classification of Seizure and Seizure-free EEG Signals using Multi-Level Local Patterns
Jian-Jiun Ding, Szu-Wei Fu, Ching-Wen Hsiao, Pin-Xuan Lee and Yen-Chun Chen.
Compression for the Feature Points with Binary Descriptors
Yi Cao, Christian Ritz and Raad Raad.
Fast and Accurate Low Bit Rate Retrieval-By-Capture Applications
Lei Li, Y. X. Zou, Tao Ma, Jia Sheng Yu, Yi Li and Wen Jun Deng.
Classifying Digestive Organs in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Debaditya Roy, M. Srinivas and C. Krishna Mohan.
Learning Sparse Dictionaries for Music and Speech Classification
Chao Liu, Feng Xi, Shengyao Chen and Zhong Liu.
A Pulse-Doppler Processing Scheme for Quadrature Compressive Sampling Radar
Madeleine Sabordo and Elias Aboutanios.
Enhanced Target Tracking by Incorporating Target Visibility into the IMM Algorithms.
Sreeram Menon and Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula.
Robust Savitzky-Golay Filters
Wen-Liang Hsue and Wei-Ching Chang.
Multiple-parameter real discrete fractional Fourier and Hartley transforms
Hailiang Li and Kin-Man Lam.
Fast Super-Resolution based on Weighted Collaborative Representation
Dong Ming.
Corticomuscular Coherence Analysis on The Static and Dynamic Tasks of Hand Movement
Xirui Zhang, Zhiwen Liu, Zheyi Fan and Yougen Xu.
Quaternion-valued Robust Adaptive Beamformer Based on Widely Linear Processing
Hongyan Cui, Yazhou Wang, Xiaobo Xie, Shengpu Xu and Yong Hu.
Trial-To-Trial Latency Variability Of Somatosensory Evoked Potential In Early Stage Of Cervical Myelopathy
Jie Zhu, Jun Shi and Xiao Liu.
Co-Training Based Semi-supervised Classification of Alzheimer’s Disease
Ho Chun Wu, Li Zhang and Shing Chow Chan.
Reconstruction of Gene Regulatory Networks from Short Time Series High Throughput Data: Review and New Findings
Sheng Zhong, Yongjin Zhou, Kai Zhan, Huiying Wen, Wan-Zhang Yang, Yun Xiang and Xin Chen.
A preliminary study of in vivo muscle behavior during walking among hemiplegia patients
Laming Chen and Yuantao Gu.
Robust Sparse Recovery via Non-Convex Optimization
Jun-Jie Huang, Kwok-Wai Hung and Wan-Chi Siu.
Hybrid DCT-Wiener-Based Interpolation Using Dual MMSE Estimator Scheme
Qing Shen, Wei Liu, Wei Cui and Siliang Wu.
Low-Complexity Compressive Sensing Based DOA Estimation for Co-Prime Arrays
Yi Zhao, Jing Wang, Lidong Yang, Ali Imtiaz and Jingming Kuang.
Multi-Channel Audio Signal Retrieval Based on Multi-factor Data Mining with Tensor Decomposition
Yue-Xian Zou, W. Q. Zheng, Wei Shi and Hong Liu.
Improved Voice Activity Detection Based on Support Vector Machine with High Separable Speech Feature Vectors
Jinjian Wu, Weisi Lin and Guangming Shi.
Structural uncertainty based just noticeable difference estimation
Yanru Bai, Zhiguo Zhang and Dong Ming.
Feature selection and channel optimization for biometric identification based on visual evoked potentials
Tsz-Kwan Lee, Yui-Lam Chan and Wan-Chi Siu.
Depth-based Adaptive Search Range Algorithm for Motion Estimation in HEVC
Hong Ren Wu, Weisi Lin and King Ngi Ngan.
Rate-perceptual-distortion optimisation (RpDO) based picture coding
Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Fok Hing Chi Tivive and Van Ha Tang.
Multi-Polarization Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging using Joint Bayesian Compressed Sensing
Li Hu, Jiasi Shen and Zhiguo Zhang.
Topographical Segmentation: A New Tool to Optimally Define Temporal Region-of-interests of Significant Difference in ERPs
Fan Jc, Cheung Rt, Chu Lw, Chang Cq, Zhang Mm, Xie Bj, Hung Ys, Sik Hh and Gao Jl.
Age-related Change in Resting State: A Wavelet Entropy-based EEG Source Analysis
Haowen Pu, Sen Jia and Ran Yang.
Sparsity regularized nonlinear inverse reconstruction for subsampled parallel dynamic cardiac MRI
Wang Xiulin, Gong Xiaofeng and Lin Qiuhua.
A Study on Parallelization of Successive Rotation Based Joint Diagonalization
Bin Liao and S. C. Chan.
A Review on Direction Finding in Partly Calibrated Arrays
Mengdi Jiang, Wei Liu and Yi Li.
A General Quaternion-valued Gradient Operator and Its Applications to Computational Fluid Dynamics and Adaptive Beamforming
Zhenzhong Chen and Hongyi Liu.
JND Modeling: Approaches and Applications
Qisong Wu, Yimin Zhang and Moeness Amin.
Continuous structure based Bayesian compressive sensing for sparse reconstruction of time-frequency distributions
Kaamran Raahemifar.
Performance Analysis of Unconvential Dictionary on Retinal Images
Yi Zhou, Hongqing Liu and Shing Chow Chan.
New Partial Update Robust Kernel Least Mean Square Adaptive Filtering Algorithm
Vasileios Kanas, Iosif Mporas, Heather Benz, Kyriakos Sgarbas, Anastasios Bezerianos and Nathan Crone.
Real-Time Voice Activity Detection for ECoG-Based Speech Brain Machine Interfaces
Zi-Xin Xu and Yuk-Hee Chan.
A Constrained Error Diffusion Method to Shape Quantization Noise in Backlight Dimming
Wenhao Hong, Lu Yu and Ce Zhu.
Detection Model of Luster Effect in Binocular Rivalry
Yanchao Gong, Shuai Wan, Kaifang Yang, Hong Ren Wu and Bo Li.
Perception-based Quantitative Definition of Temporal Pumping Artifact
Karam Naser, Vincent Ricordel and Patrick Le Callet.
Experimenting Texture Similarity Metric STSIM for Intra Prediction Mode Selection and Block Partitiong in HEVC
Xiangyang Wang, Tao Jiang and Yun Rui.
A low complexity pre-coding scheme in next generation mobile communication system
Yue Xiao, Lixia Xiao, Lilin Dan and Xia Lei.
Spatial Modulaiton for 5G MIMO Communications
Ruibin Feng, Chi Sing Leung and A. G. Constantinides.
An Analog Network Approach to train RBF Networks based on Sparse Recovery
Tharindu Adikari, Sandamali Devadithya, Sanjaya Bandara, Chethana Dharmawardana and Chandika Wevegedara.
Application of Automatic Speaker Verification Techniques for Forensic Evidence Evaluation